Rigid Inner Gun Belt

$19.95 $30.00


Slit from 2" to 1.5" to remove the selvage edge, which is the narrow strip along the sides of the material where there is no loop. Using slit material we are able to retain an extra 1/8" of total loop on every belt for every bit of retention. 

Sewn in laminate finger loops to tighten the inner belt with ease. Insert fingers and pull.

Sizing Specifications
Sizing is overall total length of the belt. Measure your waist as worn. Add four inches minimum to account for velcro overlap.
Medium  Large   X-Large
38" Long 40" Long 42" Long 44" Long
Materials List

1.5" Scuba Webbing (Made in USA)

1.5" Selvage Loop (Made in USA)

Lasered Cordura Laminate (Made in USA)