We’re a Veteran owned company built on the idea that life is an ongoing PROJECT. We should always have an idea of where we want to be and what it’s going to take to get there. Develop a drive and focus to achieve that vision. Don’t forget to reassess yourself and your priorities and pivot when needed.

Now we got that PROJECT part out of the way, let’s talk about the meaning behind the moniker “3SIX”. The name 3SIX is derived from Bushmaster 3-6, the callsign of a great friend and one I also ultimately assumed by being his Radio Telephone Operator in Afghanistan in 2008. Unfortunately, his time on this earth was cut short due to a green-on-blue incident in Afghanistan in 2013. 3SIX was created to pay homage to his legacy. Welcome to the PROJECT.

What do we have going? Well, let’s start with the why.

Made in China 2025 is an ongoing initiative to transform China into a manufacturing superpower. China aims to bring technological advances to its manufacturing processes within the information technology, robotics, aerospace, and biopharmaceutical industries as part of its larger “Global China 2049” initiative.

Their more aggressive and long-term plan to achieve superpower status under the “Global China 2049” initiative is the very thing we must work against. We’re small, but focused. Together, we can look towards a brighter future by providing strategic and lasting partnerships with an America first, China last campaign.

Now onto the What and the impact it has on PROJECT 3SIX?

Well, our approach to manufacturing is to prioritize goods and services within America. If they are unavailable or lack quality, we look outward to other North American businesses. From there we’ll search South American businesses. So on and so forth. We’ll do everything we can, given our current enterprise footprint, to seek out supplies and other resources that other vendors will use in their manufacturing process as well.

How do we look to achieve this?

For example, we’ll target the use of Bella-Canvas for our apparel needs. Why? Because they prioritize manufacturing their product line within the USA. They outsource to South American countries for final assembly, ensuring both a consistent and quality product. For our screen-printing needs, we’ll seek out a company that doesn’t use Chinese manufactured ink. This gives us a garment that is designed and produced in America, assembled in South America, and printed in America using Italian sourced ink. Military/LEO/EMS nylon goods? Berry Compliance all the way.


Now, we recognize this is a ludicrous plan and we can’t possibly source everything this way. It’s inevitable. However, we’ll do everything we can to limit our use of Chinese produced materials, supplies, and even manufacturing equipment to do our part. It’s about every citizen’s responsibility to serve and support their community in all facets of life. We’re in a cold war…and we haven’t forgotten our oath.

September 19, 2021 — Mike B.


Nate said:

As a small business owner myself I really appreciate the goal to limit foreign items in your business. Bringing manufacturing back to the states is a noble goal. Keep up the good work!

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