1.75" ROG Belt

$119.95 $125.00

Our belt is built using 44mm/1.75" USA made jacquard webbing from Murdock Webbing Company, giving us 5,000 lbs of total break strength. The belt buckle comes from AustriAlpin as an industry standard in their newer all black configuration. Contains 20 columns of PALs webbing for your molle gear. Adjustable from 35" to 41" in total length. Please measure before ordering. A an actual 32" waist will end up running approximately 36-37" in overall belt length. **Belt size is not based on pant size.  

What's different about our belt?

  • We don't utilize a sewn in D-Ring retainer like others because we believe in space utilization. A sewn in D-Ring velcro retainer eliminates an entire PALs section that could be used for gear. The D-Ring is already stiff enough and will not move unless you move it. A velcro wire wrap is perfect for keeping that extra space free.
  • Our belt velcro hook lining is cut down or slit from 2" to 1.5" to remove the selvage edge, which is the narrow strip along the sides of the material where there is no hook. Using slit material we are able to retain an extra 1/8" of total hook on every belt for every bit of retention. It's the little things.
COBRA® is a registered US trademark of AUSTRIALPIN


*Does not come with inner belt.