1.75" ROG Belt

$119.95 $125.00


Our Rigid Outer Gun (ROG) Belt contains 20 columns of PALs webbing for your molle gear. Adjustable from 35" to 41" in total length. An actual 32" waist measurement as worn will end up running approximately 36-37" in overall belt length. **Belt size is not based on pant size. Pair with our Inner V2 for the ultimate war belt combo.

No sewn in D-Ring retainer to take up extra space.

*Does not come with inner belt. 

Materials List

1.75" Mil-Spec Jacquard Webbing (Made in USA)

Pals 1" Folded Nylon Webbing (Made in USA)

1.5" Velcro Hook (Made in USA)

Austrialpin 1.75" Black D-Ring (Berry Compliant)