Inner Belt V2

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Size Guide

Our inner belt is built using 38mm/1.5" scubba webbing.

  • Our belt velcro hook lining is cut down or slit from 2" to 1.5" to remove the selvage edge, which is the narrow strip along the sides of the material where there is no loop. Using slit material we are able to retain an extra 1/8" of total loop on every belt for every bit of retention. It's the little things.
  • Our inner belt contains ZERO hardware which reduces the overall bulk of the belt. We also utilize two separate finger loops to help tighten the inner belt to your liking. Simply put your finger into the loops for ease of tightening. These inner belts have been tested in military and law enforcement applications for over a year.
Sizing is based on the overall length of the belt. We recommend you measure around your waist as the belt will be worn to determine the amount of overlap that you are comfortable with. We stock Small-XL to improve efficiency in manufacturing and reduce backstock in smaller or larger sizes. If you desire a smaller or larger belt within the sizes of 30-36" or 46-50", let us know in your order notes.  
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